Growing your YouTube Channel in 50 easy ways in 2023

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Growing your YouTube Channel in 50 easy ways in 2023

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Growing your YouTube Channel in 50 easy ways in 2023

Growing your YouTube Channel can be difficult, yet it can be easy if you know the ways to do it. Video marketing and YouTube offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses willing to dive into the world of video marketing. According to eMarketer, 41% of US small businesses use Facebook, but only 9% use YouTube. Video can serve as a boon for business engagement, but the competition – at least in terms of other businesses – isn’t as intense as it is on other social networks.

Using this article, you’ll discover 50 free ways to increase your YouTube channel subscribers, video views, and engagement.

1. Being Consistent is Vital

Schedule regular video updates. When your audience expects you to upload a new video every Tuesday, they’ll be looking forward to it! If you upload a new video, people subscribed to your channel will receive a notification (which helps your channel gain more views).

2. Promote on Facebook

The Facebook video post should include a call-to-action to “check out my YouTube channel” and a link to your YouTube channel. You can upload YouTube videos directly to Facebook using Facebook’s native video uploader. Include a call-to-action in the Facebook video post for visitors to come to see your video on YouTube.

3. You must only have 50 characters in your title

 Keep your video headlines to 50 characters or less. You’ll lose clicks if your headline is longer because it won’t appear on the search.

 4. Incorporate videos into your blog

 Embed your YouTube videos and promote them on your blog. This doubles not only your video views, but your site’s page views as well.

 5. Videos of about 3 minutes each

 Do not exceed three minutes in your videos. A research study conducted by Buffer concludes that the ideal YouTube video length is 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

 3. Google Keyword Search help you rank

 If you’re using keywords for your video, run a quick Google search to see if there are many videos for those keywords. The higher its ranking chances are, the easier it will be to rank.

 7. Get organized with Playlists

 Organize your videos into topical playlists. Use relevant keywords to provide your playlists with more potential for ranking in search.    

8. Have a snappy Intro

 Each video should contain an intro. Your intro is the point at which you have the audience’s full attention. Use it to showcase the content of your video while additionally reminding viewers they can sign for your channel.

 9. Relevancy matters with Headlines and Descriptions

Using relevant keywords in your headline and description, your video will rank higher in YouTube and Google search results.

 10. Embed Video URLs

When embedding the YouTube video on your blog, be sure to include the video URL. Manually including the URL can enhance clicks to your YouTube channel. Your visitors may also stay around to check out your other videos.

 11. Have a unique Channel Trailer

 Create a curious and creative channel trailer to introduce yourself and let viewers know what you’re all about. Your trailer will auto-play when a non-subscriber reaches the webpage of your channel. It could be your great chance to convince your audience to stick around and get to know you.

 12. Push Viewers to Subscribe

 Emphasize the action you should take with your comments. Encourage viewers to subscribe at the end of the video.

 13. Incorporate Evergreen Content

 Create evergreen video content material using trending video content. Trending videos are known for getting short-term views, but your channel should also have other valuable videos that your subscribers are constantly looking for. The videos tend to rank higher in Google search results with time, attracting more traffic and views for the long haul.

 14. You got to have subscribe buttons

 Include subscribing buttons on your blog, mainly next to your embedded videos.   

15. Go deep with your Video descriptions

Long-tail keyword search is vital for your written content. Don’t be scared to edit a long detailed video description so Google can search your video for relevant and highly specific long-tail phrases.

 16. Get some fun Widgets

 Put a YouTube widget on your website. You can easily integrate a tool like Onspite into your website to show videos simply by pasting a snippet of code.

 17. Ask for likes

 Ask viewers to love your videos. When your video receives many likes, it signals to YouTube that your video is popular, assisting bump it up in YouTube search results.

 18. Never ignore the Comments

Respond to comments left in your videos (even the negative ones). This shows you’re paying attention and caring about what your viewers have to say.

 19. Promote each other’s Content

 Promoting each other’s content together with other YouTubers is helpful. Make co-branded videos or promote each other’s videos via your other marketing channels.

 20. Take care of your Loyal Fans

Always engage with the vast majority of loyal fans. Make use of your creator dashboard and Analytics to identify users who engage the most with your content. Think about reaching out to them and asking them to share your videos with their fans, friends, or communities. 

Other ways to try

21. The Value of Watermarks

Add a watermark sign to subscribe to your channel using Video programs or tools. Video marketing expert James Wedmore explains that when you do this, it will double your video views.

 22. Be the Real You

Reveal the real fun side of your business. Behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers to know there’re a lot of genuine followers behind your brand.

 23. Be Visible

Make sure your email subscribers see your videos. Having embed videos on your emails escalates both video views and pageviews.

 24. Work towards getting Subscribers

Invest a significant number of effort into generating subscribers. Just like your email list is your website’s indispensable asset, your YouTube subscribers are your channel’s treasure.

 25. Make use of YouTube’s AutoComplete option

Use YouTube’s autocomplete option to locate well-liked keywords for your video titles. Begin writing out the topic or theme of your video, and see what words or phrases YouTube automatically suggests.

 26. The power of Google + Hangouts

Leverage the link between Google+ and YouTube by implementing Hangouts On Air. Google+ Hangouts will automatically be recorded and uploaded to YouTube, naturally cross-promotion your accounts.

 27. Use Keyword Search Tools

Use a keyword search tool such as Ubersuggest to locate relevant long-tail keywords to use in your video headlines and descriptions.   

28. Optimize your YouTube channel for search

Optimize your YouTube channel for search. It’s necessary to make sure your channel is optimized, not just your videos. It’s important to note how to get your channel ranking for your selected keywords.

 29. Always use Video Transcripts

Use YouTube video transcripts to assist search engines like Google and Yahoo, locating and indexing more relevant keywords.

 30. Get a Popup in your website

Add a YouTube video in a popup box on your website. A tool love Video LightBox can help.

 31. 300-500 word Descriptions do the job

Aim to have video descriptions that are between 300-500 words. This is lengthy sufficient to supply a detailed description of your video, but short sufficient that it won’t be overly burdensome to read.

 32. Tags are Vital

Make good use of tags. You may want to use your keyword tags first since many people assume that YouTube gets more weight from the first tag.

 33. Have the word “Video” in your Title

If you want a greater chance of your videos ranking in Google search results, try utilizing the expression “video” in your title. While this won’t assist with YouTube search rankings, it may provide you a benefit in the search engines.

 34.Have a Promotion Strategy

Your channel, not just your videos, should be promoted. The ranking of your videos also improves as the authority of your channel grows, just as the ranking of your internet site pages accelerates as the authority of your entire site increases (and vice versa).    

35. Always Update Content

Nothing lasts forever. You should periodically trim outdated or unsuccessful videos so that your channel remains meaningful.

 36. Visually attractive Thumbnails

Make an eye-catching custom thumbnail that stands apart in the search results.

 37. Translation of Videos

Translate well-liked videos into multiple languages. With this approach, you can increase your chances of ranking for multi-language queries if you target numerous languages or countries.

 38. Close up Images

Put close-up images in your thumbnails. Even though detailed photos may be more eye-catching when expanded, close-up images usually dominate searches among the top results.

 39. Systematic Referencing

Periodically reference your videos in your blog posts. You don’t have to make a big clamor of any video you post. Still, casually mentioning, “Hey, here’s a current video I composed about this topic” can be an excellent way for increasing views and for notifying your visitors.

 40. Use Videos as a Response

Make a video response to someone else’s well-liked video. Make sure the creator knows about your answer so they can share it with their audience!        

41. Closed captions and subtitles

Add closed captions and subtitles to your videos. This helps your international followers and loss of hearing viewers. It also gives Google and YouTube more keywords with which to distinguish between your videos.

 42. Featured Channel Promotion Tactics

Cross-promote through featured channels to every user. Locate a complimentary channel in your niche, and ask the owner if they’d love to option your channel on their sheet (and offer to do the same).

 43. Unique Original Content

Continue to post unique, indispensable content. Even though it seems obvious, include videos that provide a fantastic view of the topic. Try not to repeat topics discussed a thousand times before, but think of a way to add something new to the conversation.

 44. Subscribe Box

Use this simple trick of using a popup subscribe box for your user and blog pages.

 45. Themes

Provide holiday-themed videos before significant holidays (for example, “How to get the best deals in Christmas”).      

46. Interact a lot

Increase interactions in your comments by replying to and thanking commenters. The more interactions your videos get, the greater your rankings.

 47. Use Annotations

Use annotations to urge viewers to view complimentary or narrated videos.

 48. Follow the Current Trends

Make spin-off videos to capitalize on trending content. Make use of well-liked and trending searches by generating videos that will rank for these trending keywords. Google Trends can assist you in identifying which ones to target.

 49. Link Creating

Link creating isn’t just for written content. It’s also great for creating natural, authoritative links to your YouTube videos, both on your web page and other sites. This greatly enhances your videos’ rankings in Google search results.

 50. Integrate into the Community

Comment on other people’s videos. Be a part of the YouTube community to grow relationships and spread YouTube love. Publish considerate remarks and ask provocative questions, and you’ll grow organically!

Don’t forget to have fun while implementing all of these ways. It’s best to take like 5 or 10 each day and work on it progressively. Never try to do it all at one stretch. You’ll get annoyed. 

Have a great day, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, and also to my YouTube, please. 

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